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Dan McDade: Improving B2B Lead Generation
in 3 Steps

Join me in discovering how to get more and better B2B business leads by creating a nimble group of internal mediators responsible for getting the job done. Dan McDade of Pointclear explains how to bridge the gap, once-and-for-all, between marketing and sales.

Sid Vaidya: Increasing Wealth, Productivity & Innovation with Diversity

Looking for the best workforce diversity speaker or coach to motivate an audience or get you on the right track? Look no further than Sid Vaidya (pronounced "vay-dee-ya"). He agreed to share his best "wisdom nuggets" on achieving personal AND Business wealth by leveraging your own diversity and diversity in the workplace from the employers' view. Want more innovation in your life/business? Want more productivity? Sid is explaining to audiences all over the world how you can!

How can small retailers leverage comparison shopping engines?

How can small retailers leverage comparison shopping engines to their advantage? What are the practical things small retailers need to know about comparison shopping engines about optimizing data feeds to make sure products are made available across the Web? Brian Smith, founder of ...

How DrsFosterSmith.com uses video
to create ecommerce success

Use of Web-delivered video to market in a down economy may seem like frivolous spending.  But not to serious, successful marketers like Drs. Foster Smith -- a catalog and Internet distributor of pet goods and medical devices.  Savvy marketers like Gordon MaGee are ...

How to increase sales & leads profitably
in a multi-channel environment

Just because a marketing campaign is measurable doesn't mean it's worth investing in.  What should marketers measure and how can they best analyze the results? How can we best attribute sales to certain campaigns or channels to determine what channel / campaign works best, how they work together and how customers' path to purchase factor in?  Lenser's Tom Blake dishes remarkable, practical, immediately useful tips to marketers on how to understand more about the value of customers who shop across multiple-channels... and ACT on it to drive results.

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